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Our workplaces are killing us!

But it does not have to be this way

This Seven Movements program will show you how to use small micro-doses of movement throughout your day to turn the workplace into an environment that serves your health rather than stealing from it. Commit just 7-minutes a day to learning these strategies and you will have the skills to use micro-doses of movement in your day to prevent pain, increase energy, and prepare your body for your favorite after-work activities.

How it works?

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    Join the course as an individual or contact us for group rates

  • Get a daily lesson and 7-Minute Movement Strategy

    Every day practice a 7-Minute Movement Break that will give you the skills you need to micro-dose effective bouts of movement into your workday preventing pain and increasing energy

  • Feel Better at Work

    Learn to use micro-doses of movement at work to prevent pain, increase energy, and even prepare your body for your favorite activities

Learn the art of micro-dosing movement throughout your day

Let's make pain from sitting too much a thing of the past

Sit Less & Move More

Receive a new 7-minute movement strategy every day for 20 days along with a Healthy at Work micro-lesson every 4 days. Seven Movements makes your micro-doses of movement effective by showing you how to us movement to:

  • Prevent and eliminate lower back pain

  • Eliminate tension headaches (this one is a fan favourite)

  • Quickly gain a burst of energy without the coffee

  • Prevent forearm and wrist pain

  • Improve your posture

  • And more.....

What our participants have to say

Dee Clarke

"The chronic ache in my upper and lower back subsided after a few weeks. It flares up now and again after long bouts of sitting but usually feels better after just one Seven Movements workout"

Amy Osbaldeston

"When I was coming off mat leave I knew it was the perfect opportunity to give the Seven Movements program a go. It was time to be proactive rather than reactive so I didn't fall into the same hole I was in prior to mat leave. I had spent so much time and money on physio with limited short term results that I didn't want to go back to that! When I do the program I feel energized and my muscles a bit more relaxed then I'm ready to tackle my next hour of work, which is not easy!"

Be part of the change

Start making movement a regular part of your workday

Bonus material

As part of your registration you will also get access to all of these amazing tools

  • Lifetime Access to the videos

    At the end of the course, you will receive lifetime access to all of the movement strategies in the course and also a couple of bonuses :) These will be accessible on any device via your free Vimeo account. ($100 value)

  • LifetimeAccess to our 7-Minute Morning Series

    Even more 7-minute movement solutions. These ones geared towards starting your morning off right! Accessible on any device via your Vimeo account. ($50 value)

  • Mediation Mastery Series

    Lifetime access to our Meditation Mastery Series accessible on any devcie via your Vimeo account.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Seven Movements

    • A message from your instructor

    • Let's set some baselines

  • 2

    The Lower Back

    • The Lower Back Strategy 1

    • The Lower Back Strategy 2 - Yoga Inspired

  • 3


    • No More Headaches Strategy 1

    • No More Headaches Strategy 2

  • 4

    Forearms on Fire

    • Wrists and Forearms Strategy 1

    • Wrists and Forearms Strategy 2

  • 5

    Improve my posture

    • Improve my Posture Strategy 1

    • Improve my Posture Strategy 2 - Yoga Inspired

  • 6


    • Energize in the Office Strategy 1

    • Energize in the Office Strategy 2 - Yoga Inspired

  • 7

    The Upper Back

    • Baby Got Upper Back Pain Strategy 1

    • Baby Got Upper Back Pain Strategy 2 - Yoga Inspired

  • 8

    The Shoulders and Neck

    • Shoulder and Neck Pain Strategy 1

    • Shoulder and Neck Pain Strategy 2

  • 9

    The Hips Don't Lie

    • The Hips Don't Lie Strategy 1

    • The Hips Don't Lie Strategy 2 - Yoga Inspired

  • 10

    Putting It All Together

    • Revisiting the Lower Back - Bonus Strategy

    • Revisiting the Hips - Bonus Strategy

    • Revisiting Posture Strategy 1

    • Total Body Strategy 1

  • 11

    Bonus - Stress and Anxiety

    • Stress and Anxiety Strategy 1 - Yoga Inspired


  • Do I need equipment?

    No all of these strategies are designed to be done right at your desk with no equipment.

  • How much time commitment is this?

    Just 7-minutes a day - every second day we do have a micro healthy lesson that is between 1-3 minutes long

  • So do all my movement breaks have to be 7-minutes long?

    In the course, yes. However, the skills you learn throughout the course will allow you to use micro-doses of movement throughout your day 30 seconds or a minute at a time. While our 7-minute strategies are outcome-based, they also give you the tools to combine small bursts of movements as you see fit in your day.

  • Do you guys have an app?

    While we do not have an app we do have our programming accessible through Vimeo and you can access any of our movement series through your free Vimeo account. At the end of this course you will receive FREE access to all of the movement strategies you find in this course and as a BONUS you will receive free lifetime access to our Meditation Mastery series and 7-Minute Morning series via the Vimeo app as well. You will have more than enough 7-minute movement strategies to call upon when you need them.