Everyone deserves the ability to continue doing the activities they love as they age

But there is a problem...

  • Pain and Injury

    We are often only taking care of our bodies after pain or injury has occurred. This course shows you how to practice preventive maintenance and prevent pain and injury before they happen

  • Not moving frequently enough

    We are spending too much time sitting resulting in chronic conditions that could be avoided. This course teaching the strategies you need to sneak movement breaks into your day

  • The gym is not for everyone

    The current state of the fitness industry caters to short term outcomes focused on high-intensity exercise and complex movement that requires tremendous movement skills. This course simplifies and gives you an entry point into exercise that will build your confidence and prepare your body for performance.

Take control of your health today

A 7-minute daily commitment will give you the strategies you need to make your body resilient to age

What is my committment?

  • 60-days, 20 lessons and a daily 7-minute commitment to move

  • A daily 7-minute dose of movement

  • Track your habits on the provided pdf

  • A daily check-in email to remind you to move

What our customers are saying

Say good-bye to pain

Dee Clarke

The chronic ache in my upper and lower back subsided after a few weeks. It flares up now and again after long bouts of sitting but usually feels better after just one Seven Movements workout

Stop wasting money and get to the root of the problem


I had spent so much time and money on physio with limited short term results and I did not want to go back to that! When I do Seven Movements I feel energized and my muscles more relaxed and ready to tackle the next hour of my workday.

So easy to use

Clark and Lise Norris

We normally do our 7-minute strategy before breakfast. It gets us energized and ready for the day. So easy and so effective.

Are you Ready?

  • To be pain free

    Learn the skills to prepare your body for activity and reduce your chance of pain and injury

  • To continue to do the activities you love for life?

    Losing the ability to do the activities we love is a tragedy and an unavoidable one at that. This program gives you the skills to ensure that does not happen.

  • To celebrate your body?

    Not for what it looks like but for what it allows you to do?

  • To build healthy habits for life?

    No more yo-yoing through different programs, learn the skills to do it consistently for life.

  • To move more

    Learn the strategies you can use to conveniently bring more frequent bouts of movement into your life. A critical key to long term health.

Bonus material

When you register today you get access to these free goodies

  • 7-Minute Morning Series

    Get free lifetime access to our 7- Minute Morning Series. A fan favorite of Seven Movements students and a great way to learn some morning movement strategies to start your day right. A $50 value

  • Age Proof Course Videos

    At the end of the course, you will get access to all of the movement strategies you completed in the course for life. Playable through your free Vimeo account on any device. Take Seven Movements with you wherever your are.

Your Investment

Get access to the course and all the bonus content for one low price

Meet your Coaches

Co-Founder and Senior Instructor

John Sinclair

When John isn't coaching one on one with clients you can find him building educational programs and consulting with some of the biggest companies in the world including the NFL, Nike, and Zumba. John brings 20 years of experience in the Health and Exercise industry to Seven Movements and is our Chief Movement Officer. His exercise programming has changed countless lives and he cannot wait to work with you in this course. John loves that he can reach more people with his world-class exercise programming for a fraction of the price of working with him on one on one.

Co-Founder and Senior Instructor

Dan Tatton

Dan is our course designer who combines his expertise in behavior change with his love for movement to make these programs the most effective you have ever participated in Dan brings with him 15 years in the Health and Exercise industry and specializes in building programs that build habits for life. Nothing brings him more joy than watching Seven Movements users and clients get that " I can do this feeling" when they realize how impactful tiny changes can make in their long term health. When Dan is not developing new courses and running operations at Seven Movements you will find him outside enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful Candian Rockies.