Everyone deserves access to world class health coaching

But there is a problem...

  • It can be too expensive

    It is $100+/hr to work with our coaches teaching the same strategies you will learn in this course

  • It can be too complex

    Everyone is trying to make their programs more and more complex. Seven Movements simplifies the complex and builds the foundation for the future of your health.

  • You don't have time

    We are all busy but 7-minutes a day is all you need to commit to completing a Seven Movements program.

The best way to get started

Affordable, Easy to follow health and exercise programs that require just 7-minutes a day

All Seven movements programs focus on teaching the strategies and behaviors that will allow you to move more, live longer, and build healthy habits for LIFE!

How are Seven Movements Courses Different?

  • They simplify the complex and require a 7-minute daily commitment

  • They focus on building lifelong habits and behaviours for your long term well-being

  • They make access to world class health and exercise coaching affordable and accessible

  • They include access to the instructors for the length of the course through a private Facebook Group

  • Rooted in the science of movement and behaviour change to ensure you build habits for LIFE

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  • How are the programs structured?

    Program lengths vary but follow the same format. Every 3-7 days you will be delivered a micro-lesson, (1-5 minutes of video and slides), a worksheet and a habit tracker to reinforce learnings, as well as a 7-minute movement strategy that you are to complete daily until your next lesson and movement strategy arrives 3-7 days later.

  • What if I miss a lesson?

    New lessons and movement strategies are sent every 3-7 days. If you happen to miss a day that is ok, just jump right in to get back on track

  • I go to the gym already, are these programs for me?

    Absolutely, these programs will teach you strategies that you can use to bring more frequent bouts of movement to your day which is critical to long term health. More than that they will give you the skill that will allow you to use those small frequent bouts of movement to prepare your body for performance in the gym.

  • What is my time commitment?